10 Terrible Things That Will Bury Your Relationship Or Marriage Long Before You Realize That Everything Between You Is Destroyed


No relationship is perfect, nor can function if you do not work on it. Both of the partners must do their best to save the relationship. These are 10 things that each of the partners needs to take into consideration, if they want to have a healthy relationship.

Arguing in public

You need to know that in a relationship both sides are equal. Whatever you want to say to each other, say it as an adults at home between four walls. Do not argue in public, because this generally leads to your relationship being destroyed.

Ghosts from the past

Bringing up all the negative impressions and pain from a previous relationship in the present one is strictly prohibited. Bringing up this stuff will destroy your relationship and any chance of it to work. What you need to do is start over and forget all the past relationships. Do not let your past experience define your present relationship.


Jealousy is not an option, especially if it is a long and serious relationship. If your partner does not give any reason for jealousy, then you must not be jealous. However, if for some reason you do not trust your partner, think carefully whether this relationship is what you really want.

Intimate relationships

When people start using their intimate relationships as a system of penalties and rewards, they are moving down a dangerous road. This will increase the chances of the other party becoming unfaithful or will eventually lead to the end of the relationship. During intimate relations each of the partners needs to express their deepest feelings. This way both sides will be happy and satisfied.

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