12 Cancer-Causing Things You Need To Remove From Your Bedroom Right Now

Not too many people are aware of the dangers which are present in our bedroom where we spend a big part of our lives. It is hard to make your bedroom cancer-free. For this reason, you will need to start with small things and work your way up slowly. Each change will positively affect your health.

These are cancer-causing things you have to improve into your bedroom ASAP:

Replace your pillow cases and pillows with organic materials – most of the people believe that cotton is much safer than synthetics, however, cotton uses 25% of the world’s insecticides and 14% of pesticides. Replace your cotton bedding with organic materials if you can afford it.

Purchase an air cleaner – portable air cleaners can be taken from room to room. You can get ne with HEPA filtration, but make sure it does not contain ozone.

Remove or replace all artificial fabrics from your bedding, closet, and bedroom – thermoplastics is used for making synthetic materials. When heated, it releases plastic molecules, thus if you are wearing wrinkle-free clothes, then you breathe in dangerous formaldehydes. Replace these with organic materials.

Remove any drapes or shades which are being chemically treated – they are full with dust, allergens, and pollen, thus replace them with organic alternatives. However, if this is too expensive for you, barter with a friend who can sew curtains. A great alternative are wood blinds. You may consider those trapped between the glass.

Cover or replace your mattresses – if you want to live in a healthier environment you have to do this, even though it is hard. Most of the mattresses are sprayed with flame retardants and chemicals which can cause health issues. If you cannot afford replacing your mattresses, wrap it in a foil barrier cloth that can be purchased online.

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