Were You Aware Of These 12 Things Your Body Can Do? Not Many Are!

It seems like there’s a DIY solution for nearly everything these days, including some of the ailments that plague us during the course of everyday life. As Providr shares, our own bodies are hip to the whole DIY thing, and there’s a bunch of ways it takes the ball and runs with it on its own.

Our bodies are one of those things that seem like they will never be completely understood. Just when it seems like all of the answers have been found, a new scientific discovery emerges that blows everyone away. That’s partially because our bodies contain a whole bunch of things that are working in tandem behind the scenes, and these amazing machines are chock full of surprises.

Some of these things are ones you never realized before. For example, if you’re ever stuck out in the cold for an extended period of time, your body will work overtime as it goes into self-preservation mode. In extreme cases that involve hypothermia, the body will start working behind the scenes to save energy and heat, and the blood vessels in your eyes are one of the first targets.

Temporary blindness is possible, as the body is doing all it can to keep you warm. That’s just one of many fascinating things the body does without you realizing, but the whole list is definitely worth checking out.

Here are 10 other things your body can do:

  • Cure heartburn without the need of medication
  • When you’re in love, your eyes will give you away. Your pupils dilate.
  • Your ears have different strengths. Your left ear is better at hearing, your right is better at tracking voices.
  • Your skin can shed.
  • Your body tells you what the weather will be like. Your joints will hurt during rainy season.
  • Scared of needles? Before you get pricked, cough. When you cough, your brain receives signals to decrease pain.
  • Want to get rid of a congested cough? Use your finger to push between your eyebrows and press your tongue against the roof of your mouth.
  • Have a toothache? Rub ice between your thumb and index finger. This stops pain in your face.
  • Blowing on your thumb can stop rapid heartbeats.
  • Smells can take you back in time, reminding you of certain things. That’s because the part of your brain used for smells is next to the part used for memories.