15 Facts About Coffee You Don’t Know But You Should!

Numerous studies have shown that coffee is not the healthiest drink of all. Nevertheless, they have also found out that Voltaire drank over 50 cups of coffee per day and died when he was 83, whereas Beethoven used over 60 coffee beans to make his daily elixir. Therefore, drinking coffee cannot be harmful, can it?

Coffee contains numerous health nutrients and antioxidants that can enhance the overall health.

Here are 15 facts about coffee which will make you take your cup of coffee right now. At the end, we are presenting an ice-coffee recipe for the hot summer days.


1. Coffee increases the blood pressure

A few coffee sips can help you treat hypotension. Nevertheless, people who experience tachycardia should not consume it. For other people, coffee can improve the blood pressure and increase its levels anytime you are suffering from hypotension.

2. Coffee soothes headaches

Due to its great amounts of caffeine, coffee can efficiently treat migraines and severe headaches. Even though it does not have the same soothing effect as a painkiller, it may provide relief from headaches.

3. Coffee enhances memory

Coffee has numerous neuromediators and stimulators, which improve the mood swifts and enhance the memory. Coffee is particularly beneficial for people with short-term memory.

4. Coffee enhances weight loss

By consuming at least two cups of coffee, you can enhance weight loss. If the level of leptin is decreases in the body, the body stores fat for future and causes weight gain. In fact, coffee increases the level of leptin and thus it leads to weight loss.

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