20 Foods That Will Clean Your Arteries Naturally And Protect You From Heart Attacks, Eat Healthy To Live Longer!

One of the major causes for death is heart problems. a big risk factor for stroke and heart attack are clogged arteries that can interrupt the blood flow throughout the entire body.

Lack of movement, stress and mostly unhealthy eating are different contributors that raise the risk of a heart attack. However, if you make few small changes into your diet you can drastically decrease the risk. We present you some drinks and foods that can help you to keep your arteries free of blockage:


It is one of the healthiest foods when it comes to heart health. The reason is because it contains different healthy fatty acids that are actually naturally present in the fish. All these fats decrease and prevent raised cholesterol, inflammation and triglyceride levels. Some other healthy fish are herring, tuna and mackerel. The best way is to buy organic fish.

Orange juice

Pure orange juice contains a lot of antioxidants which supports healthy blood vessels. It is also able to reduce high blood pressure. Drinking two glasses of fresh orange juice daily can help you to reach the daily recommended dosage of vitamin C and it will give you enough minerals and vitamins that can have positive impact over your health.


This is the long expected reason to drink your first morning cup of coffee. Different studies have discovered that if you drink 2 to 4 cups of coffee every day you can reduce the risk of a heart attack by approximately 20%. However, be aware that drinking coffee in some cases can have negative effects over your stomach and drinking excessive amount of caffeine is not very healthy for you.

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