20 Things You Have To Know While Going Through Menopause

People might tell you that it’s totally natural and it is all part of being a woman, but you just know the truth. Once you hit the menopause, you feel like it’s hell on earth.

From growing hair on your chin to gaining a few extra pounds, and this is possibly the worst time of your life.

Here are a few things you will definitely get!

1.You start to cry for nothing specific

All those hormones rushing through your body are causing you to cry at basically anything.

2. You will find hair in the most random places

It is not strange to start finding hair on your chin, because for some silly reason, the menopause makes you grow hair in the most ridiculous places.

3. Sleeping at night appears impossible

Menopause insomnia is a real thing and it is horrible. Everyone else has gone to sleep, but you are still awake. You lie in the bed wondering why you are so hot and why you just can’t sleep.

4. You want chocolate, all of it

All you can think about now is eating all the chocolate in the world. You find yourself imagining about it all the time.

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