25 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Will Change Your Life!

Apple cider vinegar has been the best natural remedy for centuries. It has powerful antibacterial properties and it remained a favorite for treating wounds, bruises and even prophylactic cleansing. In this article you can find a list of 12 ways you can use ACV and how to save money and opt for the natural key. Once you read it, you will stop reaching for antibiotics that could be harmful for you and your family also.

  1. Non-toxic alternative

Vinegar is one of the best household cleaners. It’s raw, unfiltered version contains bacteria that the store-bought version doesn’t have. To make a strong cleaning solution, mix equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle, and apply it on any surface to successfully clean dirt, bacteria and toxins. The smell goes away once the vinegar dries.

  1. Weed killer

Apple cider vinegar is a strong weed killer and is more effective than the harmful glyphosate. Mix half a cup of ACV, quarter of a cup of salt and half a cup of dish soap. This mixture will kill any weed you spray it on, so be careful not to spray it on the flowers in your garden.

  1. Eliminates odors

ACV can quickly eliminate odors in your home. Wherever the odor comes from, put a dish of ACV in the area and the odors will be gone soon.

  1. Reducing serum blood glucose

ACV lowers the levels of triglycerides, HDLs and ADLs in that way preventing diabetes. This was confirmed in a study which examined apple cider vinegar’s effects on the lipid profile in rats. The rats were given ACV for four weeks, and the results showed that the HbA1C levels of the diabetic rats were considerably reduced. HbA1c is a test which measures the plasma glucose levels over a period, and is more reliable for diagnosing diabetes than testing the blood sugar levels. The results of the study are a clear sign that apple cider vinegar can successfully reduce the blood glucose levels and prevent diabetes.

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