His 40-Year-Old Belly Disappeared With The Help Of A Cheap Shake


We present you a super nutritious and useful proposal that you can add to your diet for stomach-fat burning, given that it has few calories. We will make it with 4 great ingredients that bring satiety and freshness: cucumber, mint, ginger and, naturally, lemon.

The sum of these foods, result, a cocktail of healthy and natural benefits.


Generally, cucumber is made up of 96% water, so its caloric consumption is very little. 50 grams of cucumber only have 10 calories. It is an ideal food to add to a low calorie diet plan and fight obesity and that belly fat. When taken raw, it contributes satiety, it helps us to consume less food later. A good salad of cucumbers before each meal, will work great in the weight-loss process.

It also provides the following benefits:

  • Promotes the detoxification of the body
  • It is a natural diuretic: it help to fight against the retention of liquids and to remove toxins by the urine
  • Controls uric acid levels
  • It is a natural laxative: it helps to cleanse the intestines
  • Reforms the mucus of the digestive system
  • Protects the stomach walls

It is not advisable for people with diarrhea, irritable bowel, chronic gastritis or for those who suffer from meteorism.


This aromatic herb has many uses in the natural medina, due to all its restorative benefits:

  • For the gastrointestinal system: it is used to fight spasms, to eliminate gas before symptoms of swelling (prevents flatulence) and as analgesic. It helps digestion in general.
  • For the respiratory system: its anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent treatment for respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, dry cough, etc. It is also antiseptic, it prevents the development of harmful microbes that adhere to the walls of the airways.
  • The ascorbic acid it contains, help in the expulsion of phlegm and mucous, helping to decongest the sinuses.
  • On the skin: Also, its antibacterial properties help to treat issues with the skin like eczemas.
  • Fights insomnia and improve sleep quality.
  • Fights stress.
  • It is a muscle relaxant when consumed in infusions.
  • Improves blood circulation.

It is used in treatments for asthma, colds, influenza, diarrhea, Crohn’s illness, meteorism, vomiting, intestinal colic, to prevent cardiovascular disease and get rid of bad breath and the belly fat disappears.


Due to its specific flavor, ginger is usually used as a spice, accompanied with other ingredients. Nevertheless, in Chinese medicine it is extensively used as the main ingredient for the treatment of lots of diseases. It is food with most anti-inflammatory properties than any other. Also, it contains vitamins, minerals, essential oils, amino acids and antioxidants that prevent free radical damage.

It is a revitalizing agent in general and can be used as a sexual invigorator.

It treats diseases such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Headache
  • Impotence
  • Menstrual symptoms
  • Digestive issues
  • Colds and flu
  • Breathing problems: helps to expel phlegm
  • Cardiovascular disease: promotes blood circulation
  • Dizziness
  • Depression
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