5 Exercises To Undo The Spinal Damage Caused By A Lifetime Of Sitting

At this point, everyone knows sitting all day isn’t good for your health. But all kinds of jobs still require people to sit for prolonged periods of time. Whether it’s good for your health or not, you still need to get paid, so you just walk it off and tell yourself it’s just the way it is.


You don’t have to put up with stiffness and back pain from sitting. Over time that pain can affect your ability to run, play sports, and exercise and negatively impact your health.

Lucky for you, even if you’ve been sitting for hours on end for years now, a few simple exercises done on a regular basis can completely undo that harm. If you do these five stretches you can regain your full range of motion, feel looser, and avoid pain in your knees and lower back. You may even feel like dancing.

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