50 Best Marriage Tips Of All Time

#1. If you want your marriage to last always make sure you admit your responsibility whether it is about something good or bad. Avoiding responsibility is very childish and you can only connect with your partner if you act like an adult person.

#2. Physical touch releases more oxytocin in the body which is a hormone that creates a stronger bond. So, hold hands more often, hug, kiss or rub your partner’s shoulders. Try to add more length to the physical touch in order to have better results.

#3. You and your partner don’t always have to agree on everything. It is normal to have different opinions but it is very important to accept your differences.

#4. A gift does not have to be expensive in order for it to be meaningful. It’s the thought that counts so make sure you show your partner you appreciate them. Even if it is something small like a handwritten note that will brighten your partner’s day.

#5. Women like being listened to. You don’t always need to have a solution to her problem, sometimes just listening is enough. Give your partner space to reconnect with his desires for you and his commitment to your relationship.

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