500 kg Man Leaves Bed After Six Years For Treatment

Juan Pedro Franco from Mexico’s Aguascalientes was six years tied to his bed. He is now officially the heaviest man in the world. At the age of six he weighed 33 pounds, since then this only got worse for this poor man.

At the age of 17, Juan had a whopping 112 pounds. After that he was in a car accident in which he broke several bones, which compromised his movement abilities. This is where the accident Juan considered the turning point, when the rest of the kilograms began to pile up. At the age of 31 he doubled his weight and pushed it to 500 kilograms on the scale – although he could no longer stand alone.

His family only recently sought medical attention, finally realizing that Juan soon die if he does lose some weight.

What they did, the ask for a media appeal, in order for people to help him. However, Juan admits that since then he gained 50 pounds extra.

The doctor Jose Antonio Castenada received his case and ordered a specially equipped ambulance in order to manage Juan out of bed and to the hospital. Now he expects doctoral assessment in which the experts agree on what can be done. Hopefully if everything goes by the plan Juan can walk again and live a normal life.

– I look forward to the idea of normal movement, I really want it – said Juan.

Dr. Centeno said that he would have to stay a minimum of six months in the hospital. Furthermore, he will be forced to re-use its muscle. He also added that: it will probably be painful, difficult and demanding.

Only few people with a weight close to his one managed to make the necessary recovery and live normal again.

We hope this man recovers and get back to his feet again.