6 Stretches You Should Do Before Getting Out Of Bed To Feel Good All Day Long!

Many people jump out of their beds in the morning which is a bad habit that can cause severe back pain. Others are suffering from back pains so extreme that the act of getting out of bed is seriously difficult. Back pain is a serious problem that can interfere with your daily activities, which is why people always try to reduce it in any way they can.

And, although there are many techniques that can supposedly help, we suggest following the advices of yoga teacher Randi Ragan.

Ragan is an author of many books that teach certain practices which can improve the function of your body and mind. She has recently shared 6 great stretches for avoiding back pain in the morning – they are easy to perform and can significantly relieve muscle tension and relax your mind for the rest of the day. Here’s how to perform them:

1. Full body stretch

Put your hands together and interlock the fingers while lying on the bed, then stretch them up and push your palms while exhaling. Keep your arms and legs straight, and straighten your feet and knees while stretching for 5 seconds. Exhale in the end and relax your body, then repeat the stretch 3 more times.

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