7 Amazing Things Babies Do in the Womb That’ll Blow Your Mind

Did you know babies hiccup, breathe and urinate in the womb? The secret lives of unborn babies is a fascinating thing. Join us on a journey of discovery.

1. Babies Hiccup

After the central nervous system develops, hiccuping begins to prepare the little one to breathe outside the womb. The diaphragm contracts as baby “breathes” in the amniotic fluid.

2. Babies Breathe

No, they don’t breathe in the sense that already born people do, but they do practice breathing by going through the motions in the amniotic fluid. In a sense, this breathing in and out of the fluid strengthens the lungs and prepares the diaphragm for life on the outside.

3. Babies Urinate

All that fluid baby is surrounded by is bound to be swallowed to some degree, and as a result the baby will urinate into the amniotic fluid. This actually serves to keep amniotic fluid levels normal, as well as promote healthy kidney function.

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