The 7 Amazing Uses Of The Milk Of Magnesia Or “The White Magic“ For Skin That You Weren´t Aware Of

There are probably a lot of people out there that aren´t familiar with all the beneficial properties of the milk of magnesia. This substance, also called “the white magic“, has many great effects on skin, and here are the seven ways you can use it to experience some of them:


To improve the stomach acidity and as a laxative:

This is the main function of the milk of magnesia. It´s ideal for when you´re feeling swollen after eating. And it´s great if you´re suffering from constipation

To eliminate excessive perspiration:

Replace your usual deodorant with the milk of magnesia and apply it on the underarms, let it dry before putting on the clothes. Do it every day for a month or two

To improve and clear your skin:  

When it comes to beauty it is considered to be “the white magic“ because it is used to clear out the spots. It goes before make-up, you apply it to the whole face and leave it on for 10 minutes or until it dries out, and then you rinse it with water. This helps diminish pores and controls oil, without letting your skin dry out excessively. Do this every morning and before going to sleep.

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