7 Signs You Need to Take a Break Immediately

It is a well-known fact that stress affects our bodies on multiple levels, causing them to react differently.  Here are some of the seemingly minor symptoms that could affect the body in a much bigger way!


1. Weight Change

Stress could be the major cause of constant weight changes.  While block et al study showed a strong link between stress and weight gain, suffering from chronic stress could result in weight loss, too. If you are focusing on the stressful subject too much, it is making you sick! Make sure you eat healthy, focusing on lean meats, vitamin C (oranges), potassium (avocados), and magnesium (leafy greens).

Solutions: Stick to a healthy meal plan and eat plenty of biotic packed foods in order to avoid these weight fluctuations.

2. Hair Loss

If you have noticed an unexplained hair loss, stress could be the answer. Namely, it has been found to impact the cycle of hair growth, as shown by Arck et al in their study on the effect of stressful factors on hair.

Solutions: Find the time do de-stress by enjoying a relaxing bath filled with bath salts.

3. Sleeping Issues

Experiencing some sleeping issues now and them is generally considered normal. However, few people realize that being overstressed could be the underlying cause of this. Thinking about something at bedtime can cause scary dreams and disruptions. Many studies have shown the potent effects anxiety and stress have on sleep, pointing out the importance of getting a good night`s rest.

Solutions: Aim at imagining a different life scenario, relaxing the mind and taking yourself to another place.

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