8 Natural Remedies For Instant Constipation Relief!


If you are experiencing chronic constipation and diarrhea, and discomfort and pain in the stomach area, it could be a sign that you belong to the forty-five million Americans who are struggling with IBS, or also called Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

IBS harms the overall quality of a person’s life by interrupting their emotional state, and their professional and social lives also. With this in mind, thankfully, there are a lot of things you could do if you’re struggling with IBS. Natural home remedies, drinks, foods, as well as routines that are going to make your life much easier are listed below.

Sadly, this condition is something that people don’t take too seriously, no matter the number of problems it may be a trigger of. Furthermore, double-check all the products and ingredients and if they’re right for you, and good luck on your journey.


Make Yourself A Peppermint Tea

Making a tea from peppermint leaves is a known ritual that has helped generations of people with easing gas pain and uncomfortable bowel spasms. Also, it is known that it relaxes the intestines. When purchasing peppermint tea, always make sure that it’s made of real peppermint leaves or better yet, grown and made by the seller. Do not get any tea mixes which contain peppermint if you’re not a fan of it. Rather, try and find a place that offers capsules with peppermint oil, and take 2 of them between your daily meals.

Find Probiotic Yogurt

Our body is filled with bacteria that work in union with our system with the intention of regulating everything and improving our health. They are called probiotics. There are cases when if the body is struggling with IBS, it’s not able to produce enough probiotics for the body. This is why you should consider buying products that are rich in probiotics. As the name suggests, probiotic yogurt is definitely on the list of these items. Other foods that are rich in probiotics contain foods like tempeh, miso, and sauerkraut likewise.

Make Sure You Stay Away From Cauliflower, Coffee, Cabbage, And Chocolate

Even though this is rather the odd group, scientists claim that these products irritate the bowels tremendously. Nevertheless, makes sure to also avoid dairy items, soda, broccoli, and beans. Speak with your nutritional expert to help you build a diet-plan that doesn’t include these products. By doing so you will avoid the further development of IBS.

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