9 Signs You’re Overstressed (And Don’t Know It)

You can quite easily be overworked these days because of pressure at work and at home.

However, not too many of us know those tell-tale signs that indicate that you are overworked and need to take it easy.

Here are 9 signs you should take note of:

  1. Sudden Change In Your Weight

When you have sudden rise or drop in your weight it means your metabolism is either over-active or slow in performance, this could be caused by excessive stress that arises from you being overworked, you need to take it easy and get more rest.

  1. Excessive Hair Loss

While it is normal for you to lose hair on a daily basis and it is estimated that on an average you lose a hundred strands of hair everyday, it is however not normal for you to lose excessive amounts of hair which is what happens when you are stressed from being overworked.

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