Warning: Aluminium Salts Found In Popular Antiperspirant Products Cause Tumor Growth And Metastasis

First of all, you should know that many experts around the world have said that the aluminum compounds used in many antiperspirant deodorant products may be a cause of cancer. But, unfortunately, a recent study, conducted by group of experts in Switzerland confirms this to be true, showing that aluminum chloride, a common additive in antiperspirant deodorant that blocks moisture, exerts an estrogen-like effect that directly promotes the growth and spread of breast cancer cells. Just take a look at the article below to find out more about this.

Study Confirms:

First of all, you should know that this amazing and groundbreaking study from the University of Geneva looks at aluminum chloride’s role in temporarily blocking sweat glands in the underarm.

The researchers have discovered that the toxic compound essentially lodges itself inside the skin in order to accomplish this, and over time builds up in breast tissue. Mimicking the effects of estrogen, aluminum chloride in the long-term acts as fuel for the formation of cancer tumors, helping them to form and spread throughout the body. One of the lead experts, the famous Dr. Andre-Pascal Sappino, Ph.D., and his colleagues evaluated the effects of aluminum chloride both on isolated human mammary cells and in test mice to come to this conclusion.

They observed that long-term exposure to the chemical not only spurred on cancer tumors but also the metastization, meaning their proliferation throughout the body. I really think that you’ll be shocked when we tell you that aluminum chloride is so harmful to the body, in fact, that the researchers determined it to be equally as threatening to health as asbestos, if not more so.

Asbestos, of course, is the name for that infamous class of fibrous minerals that in years’ past were used in various industrial applications, including in building materials. Asbestos has since been banned after it was determined to be a primary cause of mesothelioma and other forms of cancer.

Dr. Andre-Pascal Sappino, Ph.D. said:

“Asbestos is cheap, has very attractive industrial potential, and it took 50 years to ban it. We hope it doesn’t take so long to ban aluminum salts.”

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