Girls Be Very Careful: You May Lose Memory, Hair, Nails Using…

We are going to tell you a sad story of a young woman who nearly lost her life because of serious bacterial infection. She had only made one careless mistake, something which all women might do. Continue reading and find out how a thoughtless error could cost you a life.

Everything started when this woman fainted in her bathroom one day. Previously, her health had worsened and she has experienced an excessive hair loss. She also lost a few of her nails.

When she reached the hospital, the doctors diagnosed her with a toxic shock because of an unusual bacterial infection that was caused by tampons.

As her health rapidly deteriorated, doctors had no other option, but to put her in induced coma. This was the only way that she could survive the treatment. Eight days after she was brought back, but she couldn’t remember a thing. In fact, she couldn’t even recognize her own daughters.

Her memory loss was a result of the fact that her brain functions were also seriously affected with the infection. She could hardly finish her sentences, and her motoric function started to deteriorate also leading to her inability to walk.

Her recovery was extremely difficult and very slow. It took 2 long years.

Some specialists are trying to raise awareness among women and young girls that the tampons are able to pose a serious health risk unless they’re used adequately. Proper hygiene of the intimate parts is necessary, especially during a period, and the tampons should be changed frequently. Actually, they should never be left inside for more than eight hours since the blood, warm and wet environment create the perfect environment for proliferation of the life-threatening bacteria.