This Is One of The Biggest Cancer Causing Foods- Stop Eating It!

You may be shocked to read about the extremely harmful substances contained in one of the most eaten and loved foods- the hot dogs.

Every summer, people in America consume more than 7 billion hot dogs making this food the most wanted one. Hot dogs were first established by the German immigrants in the 19th century and since then they are becoming more and more popular each day. However, they have been proved to be seriously harmful for human`s health.

Sausages don’t contain anything organic and are processed and nutritionally hollow foods. They are produced with the help of robotized machines in factories which can make up to 300.000 hot dogs in one hour.

To be more precise, hot dogs are made of chicken, beef and pork meat. But, producers put “edible” leftovers from pork or steak meat which also include animal heads, feet, the skin and the fatty tissue.

They combine all these leftovers together and make a thick paste. After that, the producers add lots of additives such as corn syrup, MSG (monosodium glutamate), salt, nitrates and so on which are supposed to refine the taste of the sausage.

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