Can Apple Cider Vinegar Really Deliver? I Tested 8 Beauty Uses & Here’s What I Found


Despite being a staple in every kitchen, apple cider vinegar is certainly one of the most versatile household items, one can use for anything from a salad dressing to a face toner. There are a number of versions of stroke, but the raw, organic, unfiltered one is definitely more beneficial to health, according to health experts.

apple cider vinegar is used for indigestion, sunburn, fungal treatment and more. Read on and find out if the apple cider vinegar is so beneficial for the skin.


Instead of spending tons of money on fancy shampoos guarantee eliminate the accumulation of pollutants and their hair , try to rinse your hair with ACV. The thing is LCA can do wonders for your hair quality; also it is inexpensive and more effective than the commercial hair products.

The treatment is very simple. Simply pour a cup of ACV in hair once a week, massage the scalp and strands, and rinse at the end. The end result is smoother, brighter, and clean hair.

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