CDC Vaccine Cover-up Details Exposed by Truth in Media


Websites primarily concerned with information on vaccination and alternative herbal remedies have been covering the story by Ben Swann who revealed a potential cover up in CDC vaccination on the Truth in Media online video outlet.

This online media video outlet is just two years old and it is a public funded site that features compelling, revealing and controversial stories.

Truth in Media has its first year episodes now available on other sites like Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime for viewing and it’s not an online media site handled be charlatans but by seasoned media professionals like Ben Swann who was once a main anchor for the Fox 19 news desk in Cincinnati in the great state of Ohio.

However, Ben Swann decided to leave mainstream media because according to him, he got tired of their watering-down of stories and partisan stance on various viewpoints.

Ben Swann believes that investigative journalism should be about revealing the truth and nothing less but feels that the mainstream media compromise on the truth. He is an authority in the journalism profession as he had previously won several awards for his outstanding performance in journalism and this further adds credence to his comments on the Truth in Media outlet.

Ben Swann worked with WXIX-TV which is in Cincinnati, Ohio where he was credited for producing the Reality Check series which was involved in investigating the truth in some highly controversial stories. He however left WXIX-TV in 2013.

In May 2013, the Truth in Media was launched by him and by June 2015 he was recruited as a news anchor for the evening news desk by the Atlanta based media outlet – CBS46 (WGCL-TV).

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