Clean The Blood Vessels And Bowels: This Is Truly A Real Miraculous Natural Remedy!

Detoxification should be done at least once every six months, or twice a year, because the accumulated toxins can cause various diseases.

Frequent colds, infections, fatigue, drowsiness – all this is evidence of the presence of toxins in the body, malignant bacteria and other, less harmful substances.

Many of you know that kefir is “elixir of youth and health,” and buckwheat flour has remarkable healing properties: it strengthens the body, rejuvenates the blood vessels, reduces fatigue, increases blood circulation in the hands and feet and increases the secretion of urine.

It is great for memory and concentration (especially for seniors).

Lowers blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and cures constipation.

In combination with kefir, reduces blood sugar levels, cleans the intestines and blood vessels, normalizes metabolism and the function of the pancreas, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

This is truly amazing natural remedy!

The medicinal composition of kefir and buckwheat flour – recipe


  • 1 tablespoon of buckwheat flour
  • 180 ml of kefir
  • A little honey to taste


Mix a spoon of buckwheat flour with a glass (180ml) of kefir and stir well. Do it at night and leave in the refrigerator.

In the morning, stir once and eat it. It is best to take this mixture instead of breakfast. If desired, sweeten with a little honey. After that, do not eat for 3 hours.

The cleaning treatment should last 14 days.