Coconut Oil for Weight Loss: Everything You Need to Know


When you mention “coconut oil,” people always go nuts. It is definitely one of the most weight loss-friendly fats on the market. But there are things you need to know. Aside from the nitty-gritty as to how coconut oil helps you lose weight, you need to know how to consume it as well as which types of coconut oil are good to consume (and which aren’t). Coconut oil is extremely healthy due to the unique combination of fatty acids that have powerful and positive effects on your metabolism. Here are some ways that coconut oil helps you lose weight.

Coconut oil helps with your energy levels

In order to lose weight, you must exercise. And in order to exercise, you need energy. Lots of energy. That being said, one way that coconut oil helps with weight loss is by increasing your energy levels. One of the main components of coconut oil is lauric acid, an essential fatty acid that metabolizes differently than other saturated fats. And the best part is your body works in a way that medium-chain triglyceride lauric acid is transported directly to the liver, where it is converted into energy.

That means that whenever you are consuming coconut oil, your body doesn’t digest MCT as a fat, but provides energy instead. On average, a tablespoon of coconut oil in the morning will boost your energy levels by 5% for the day.

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