Colonoscopy A Medical Scam That Does Not Prevent Cancer But Causes Death

Colonoscopy is a routine procedure that is necessary to maintain a clean colon and with that prevent colon cancer. This is a million dollar industry and a lot of people over the age of 50 go to their routine colonoscopy and suffer this invasive exam in order to detect a hint of colorectal cancer.


The truth is that this procedure is painful and potentially dangerous. According to The Annals of Internal Medicine’s report on colonoscopies 0.5% of the people who undergo these procedures have a high risk of being injured or even killed due to complications that can arise during the procedure.

This factor is 22% higher in death that it is the real and true colorectal cancer. It is astounding really that something created to cure cancer can actually hurt you more.

One person afflicted from colon cancer can live many more years, but if the doctor hurts you involuntary during a routine check-up you can die in a hurry. For every person that is saved from colon cancer, 56 people suffer an injury or die.

It is a proven fact that other than being seriously injured during this procedure you can also be infected with salmonella, Hepatitis B and C, HIV, pseudomonas and bacteria such as E. Coli.


Almost all people who undergo invasive colonoscopy have never found signs of cancer, only smaller issues that are easily treated. Some studies prove that even with a clean and healthy colon and routine check-ups they still got cancer a few years later.

That means that colonoscopies are not necessarily the ones that can determine colon health and improve it. This procedure is a scam and can do you more harm than good.