75% of All Conventional Chicken is Full of Cancer-Causing Arsenic, Make This Switch Immediately


Organic food is the best way to keep a healthy, active and sound life.

The cult for organic food has been recently popularized, although it has been the ideal remedy and for centuries back. Changing your diet to organic can truly mean the world, especially if you have in mind the harmful and life threatening substances that artificially grown products contain.

Rich in pesticides and other poisonous substances, both farmed animals and farm foods are a serious hazard for the human health.

On the other hand, organically raised farm animals and food products are all natural, providing only the best and healthiest substances a person needs to keep their health optimal.

According to the FDA the biggest threat, when farm animals are concerned, is chickens. Raised in an unhealthy, forced environment, chickens can produce meat and eggs full of dangerous substances, which are often alarming for the health. The worst substance found in farm-raised chickens in arsenic, known to cause cancer in numerous cases.

Defining Arsenic

Arsenic represents a chemical element, which may be of organic or inorganic background. Both versions are quite unhealthy for humans and animals; however, the inorganic arsenic is far more harmful and is proven to be cancer- triggering.

Certain foods or everyday habits may easily lead to inorganic arsenic exposure, including drinking polluted water and consuming particular food products such as fish, shellfish, meat, dairy products, and poultry.

Persistent exposure to arsenic will cause critical health problems like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and nervous system toxicity.

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