12 Dangerous Bedtime Habits That You Should Always Avoid!


Here are 12 things you might want to avoid at night, especially if you’re suffering from a lack of sleep.

1. Stop drinking before you go to bed! If you will beverage water within 1-2 hours of sleeping, you may need to wake up 2-3 times to go to bathroom.

2. Avoid the routine for sleeping at any time of the day. Make a reliable routine and time of your sleeping, so that your brain will be prepared accordingly!

3. Keep your electronic things away before you sleep. In the event that you will continue utilizing Facebook just before you go to sleep, your PC screen’s brightness will fortify your brain and will disturb your rest.

4 4. If you have a habit of reading around evening time you should try to avoid it. You can read your book a little earlier and afterward keep it aside. You should never bring your book to bed.

5. Avoid utilizing bright alarm clocks. It will likewise fortify your brain and will make sleeping complicated for you. You can choose alarm clock having dimmer numbers.

6. Never go for less expensive mattress. A high-quality mattress will make you rest comfortably, and this will keep you fresh and sound. So utilize good mattress!

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