Have You Ever Cooked With Aluminum Foil? If So, Read This


Tin foil is essential for any good barbecue or picnic. And while it’s a good tool for baking, roasting, and storing food, it has some serious health risks that are worth mentioning.

Aluminum Foil Dangers

When aluminum foil comes into direct contact with food, these foods absorb the metal. Cooking at high heat leads to even more leaching. Since aluminum foil is almost exclusively used for cooking and baking, it’s a serious cause for concern.

1. Brain Effects

As you may have heard, aluminum has a tendency to accumulate in the brain and other tissues, making aluminum exposure a serious risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. Researchers have even found that the metal has the ability to reduce the growth rate of human brain cells.

2. Bones

Aluminum competes with calcium to interfere with bone remineralization. This leads to aluminum accumulating in the bones and high calcium levels in the blood. In turn, patients suffer from low bone density, decreased parathyroid hormone levels, and high risk of heart attack and stroke.

3. Lungs

Aluminum can be inhaled in small quantities when cooking foil-wrapped foods over an open flame. Aluminum that makes its way into your body through inhalation is harder for your body to purge than aluminum that’s been ingested or that’s made its way into your body through your skin.

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