Do You Have A Red Birthmark? The Experts Are Revealing Which Of Them Are Dangerous!

The color, shape and number of birthmarks you have on your body are telling you a lot about your health.

Approximately 10% of total melanomas appear from atypical birthmarks, and existence of more than 10 such birthmarks points on increased risk of melanoma appearance.

However, not every birthmark is a sign of skin cancer, so pay attention on these changes:

  • The harmless birthmarks are usually small, round shaped and uniform color. Most of these birthmarks could be found on the skin areas that are most exposed on sun. The bigger birthmarks you have, the risk is higher, so you will have to check them often.
  • The position of birthmarks tells a lot for the health condition of a person.
  • The atypical birthmarks are a bit bigger than the regular and have dark brown, light brown and red color. Their edge is not sharply limited from the rest of the skin. In fact, they are stable and harmless.
  • Those birthmarks that quickly change their color and size, require urgent check at a dermatologist and must be removed surgically.