Doctor Told this 82-Year Old Man that Only 13% of His Heart Is Functioning. See How He Healed Himself!

The heart is the only organ that doesn’t rest. If it stops then you are in trouble. This article tells the story of a man with poor heart function who managed to heal himself naturally with the help of carrot juice.

Namely, this 82-year old man had 13 percent of his heart functioning properly after having a heart attack a few years earlier.

Due to the heart-related problems he was faced with, he was given different medications to help him, which eventually led to additional problems. He was diagnosed with kidney failureand told that nothing more could be done to improve his condition. Completely disappointed and devastated, his family started preparing for his death.

At this point, he was in the worst shape ever, unable to urinate, weak, pale, and experiencing debilitating pain. A couple of days after being in palliative care, he asked for a glass of fresh carrot juice, which his grandson immediately brought.  Amazingly, once he drank the carrot juice, he soon began to urinate and to eat a little bit.

Apart from these changes, he also experienced an energy boost, his urine began to clear up, and the healthy color on his face returned a few days afterwards.  What`s more, his blood pressure levels changed for the better, too. As unbelievable as it seems, these changes happened within a week of drinking carrot juice three times daily.

Naturally, the doctor was taken aback when he returned to the hospital after the weekend and found the man in better shape than earlier. What`s more, he was released from hospital and is currently feeling better and healthier than ever before.

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