Doctors Warn Women Everywhere To Throw Out Their Cheap Loofahs Right Now

Taking a shower allows time to rejuvenate and feel, once again, that all is right with the world — or at least, all is right with you. There’s really no better feeling than being squeaky clean!

But depending on what you use to scrub yourself, you might not be as squeaky as you think.

If you’re like many people, you use a nylon mesh bath puff to lather up, but you might actually be making things grosser. A lot grosser.

That’s because all those damp layers are a perfect breeding ground for all sorts of nasty bacteria, which can wind up making skin look dull, aggravate acne-prone skin, and even infect cuts.

Yes, bacteria is everywhere and there’s kind of nothing we can do about that. But there are certain small changes you can make to ensure that your home is a little bit cleaner, which can lead to healthier, better-smelling air, and a generally cleaner environment.

And don’t worry, you’ll still be able to give yourself an invigorating scrub, even if you decide to toss your bath puff. We’ll show you how!

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