Doctor’s Warning: Never Clean Your Child With Baby Wipes No Matter What

Baby wipes are a necessity for parents, as they come in handy when you need a quick cleaner-upper. They’re convenient to take on the go – not only for diaper messes, but also for sticky hands, faces, and even toys. Up to this point, we always assumed they were completely safe to use, until now…

Many parents wouldn’t think twice about what’s in their child’s baby wipes. After all, they’re completely safe to use – right?

More and more research is surfacing that baby wipes aren’t the best thing for our children’s skin. In fact, some doctors are recommending that parents cease using baby wipes on their children entirely, because of the risk they are taking each time they do so.

According to NBC News, a study has surfaced that confirms baby wipes are not safe to use on your children due to one key ingredient. The results of the tests conducted were worrisome, as children ended up having a reaction that left them with itchy, scaly, and red-rashed looking skin.

An associate professor of dermatology and pediatrics at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Dr. Mary Wu Chang, was the co-author of this official study conducted. She experimented with many different children, and in the end, six unique reactions caught her attention.

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