Warning For All Parents – Doing This Might Save Your Child’s Life

In order to reduce the cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, the Academy of Pediatrics of America has declared that children should sleep with their parents in the same room at least the first six months.

It is also suggested that they should not share the same bed but they should have their own. The studies show that in this way, the risk of this syndrome is reduced by around 50%.

General facts About SIDS

The exact reason responsible for SIDS it is still unknown but the examples show that children usually die as a result of suffocation while asleep.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention point out that every year in US there are around 3500 deaths of infants from SIDS. This makes around 40% while other death from accidental suffocation, sleeping-related mishaps take up around 25%.

This type of syndrome usually occurs among six months old children.

This can occur as a result of some apparatus in the sleeping area near the children such as toys, soft pillows, furnishings, little parts and many others. They can block the breathing passages due to asphyxia.

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