English Woman Drinks 6 Liters Of Water Each Day For One Month! Look At Her Face Before And After!


In order for our bodies to function properly it needs sufficient amount of water. That is why it is important to always be well-hydrated. But today many people do not drink enough water. So for everyone to see the ‘power’ of water in this article you will read about the results from one experiment.

A 42 year old mother named Sarah Smith has two children and they live together in UK. She was honest and she admitted that she was not drinking the recommended liters of water on a daily basis. This mother had regular headaches and poor and sluggish indigestion. She went to a doctor for both of the cases and she was told for both of the cases to drink more water. That is why Sarah decided to start drinking more water, but before she started with this experiment she documented it and she took a photograph of herself so she can see the differences in one month after the experiment.

Sarah’s experiment was to drink 3 liters of water on a daily basis for one month. In a very short period of time Sarah started to notice the improvements such as a better bowel function and virtually clean urine. Sarah’s favorite part was that even the regular headaches were gone. And because water is important for lubricating the joints, her stiffness in the joint was also improved. And this is all in just one week.

After two weeks she noticed changes in her skin such as less looking creepy and shadowy eyes and less wrinkled. Sarah hated the way she looked when she took the photograph she even said that she looks like 52 in that picture and she is only 42. She also noticed that her stomach is flatter and her cellulite was gone.

After three weeks, Sarah’s skin was getting even ‘better’. The wrinkles and dark circle were gone and her skin was much healthier. She started to eat less. She stopped falling into the trap where the thirst signals are often mistaken with hunger signals.