Entire Family Dies After Young Woman Makes A Simple Mistake In The Kitchen!


Is there someone who does not eat potatoes? They are a very versatile food that can be prepared in numerous ways and used for numerous delicious recipes. Unluckily, potatoes can sometimes be unhealthy, even downright deadly.

In case that you keep potatoes in your home for a long time, you may want to throw them out. Go on reading and find out why.

In 2014, this unpleasant case occurred in Russia and made Maria Chelysheva an orphan at the age of eight. Namely, her family kept a batch of old potatoes in their cellar which were left to rot and caused this horrible accident. First, it was Maria’s father who went into the basement to get some potatoes and never came back. Then, Maria’s mother went after him in the basement, but she did not come back either.

Maria’s brother as well as grandmother suffered from the same thing. Before she went to the basement, Maria’s grandmother had called her neighbor for help, but before he could make it to their house, she had gone to the basement herself, and suffered the same horrible fate like the rest of the family, except Maria.

Everyone should know that potatoes contain glycoalkaloids, chemical substances that are also present in toxic nightshade plants. These substances make potatoes naturally toxic under some circumstances. Due to the presence of these substances, the potatoes that have gone bad and rotten can be fatal for people not only when eaten, but even when these chemicals are only inhaled.

The more the potatoes rot, the higher the concentration of glycoalkaloids in them. The rotting process causes the potatoes to emit a dangerous, toxic gas. The exposure to this deadly chemical can kill a human, which was exactly what happened to Maria’s family.

Maria could have been killed by this chemical as well, as she also went to look for her family. Fortunately, her mother had left the door open when she had gotten to the basement, so the gas had dissipated a little.

This case is totally heartbreaking and devastating, but it should serve as a warning to all people in the world and remind them about the dangers of rotten potatoes. This means that if you are one of the people who keep potatoes in their home which are at risk of going bad, you should get rid of them as soon as possible and prevent a disaster of this kind.

Share the story about what happened to Maria’s family with the people you know and help in the prevention of something similar.