Experts Warn: Never Post Photos Of Your Boarding Pass Online. Here’s Why!

It might seem like a fun way to announce your epic travel plans but travel safety specialist Steve Hui says posting photos of your airplane boarding passes online could ruin your trip – and your life, for that matter.

Why It’s Such A Bad Idea

Hui sees tons of boarding pass photos online every day. One day, he decided to grab one of those images (below) and see what he could deduce based on the information it presented.

That image, as you can see, shows a ticket supplied by Delta Airlines. Delta – and many other airlines – post an incredible amount of information online for each passenger.

With just the passenger’s name and booking reference number – both of which are on the boarding pass – Hui was able to log into Delta’s website and access that information.

Destination, arrival time, seat number, frequent flyer details and even how many bags the passenger checked in – Hui could see all of that.

By digging a little deeper on the booking page, Hui was able to see a full payment breakdown – including the last four digits of the credit card used for the transaction.

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