Face Dimples: Why Do Some People Have Them And Others Not?

Approximately 20 percent of people in the world have dimples. On most of the people these dimples look sweet, and on some even look very sexy. They symbolize eternal youth which is not surprising given that people who have them look younger. In some cultures it is believed that they bring success and happiness.

On some people they are constantly visible and on others only when they laugh. Some individuals tend to have only a small hole only on one side of their face.

But why do some people have them and others not?

These holes are formed due to lack of muscle fibers or insufficiently developed muscle, and over time these holes may get filled. For example, many children have these holes, but as soon as the kids grow up, these holes simply disappear. Same as the chin hole, these holes are also hereditary.

If one of the parents has them, there is a 25 to 50 percent chance that the kid will have them as well. If both of the parents have these holes, then there is a 50 to 100 percent chance that the kid will have them as well.