She is 60 And Her Feet Look Like Teen Girl, Lear How To Do This

Feet’s are the essential part of our body so Taking care of our body parts is necessary and important as it may cause many health problems. Dry feet’s are caused by the lack of moisture. A dry foot looks unattractive and very uncomfortable and it can embarrass you. It can lead to extreme pain and also infection.

In this article we present you the recipe that helps to make your feet look like the feet of a twenty-year-old.

The dead skin cells on your feet reduce the elasticity and blood circulation of the feet and results in thick feet.

The dead skin cells of your feet can be removed by rubbing feet on stones after bath when the feet becomes softer but rubbing too much may eliminate too much skin which results in infection. Coconut oil is very effective for healing skin damages.

You can also prevent feet damages by preparing a foot bath with rosemary, lime blossom and olive oil. These ingredients improve the blood circulation.

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