These Female Body Signs Will Help You In Flirting Smartly Next Time

Signs play a vital role when it comes to impressing a girl. At that time, you are a performer on the stage and the girl is the audience. The performer is not aware whether or not he will get a feedback from the audience. Sometimes the feedback is not direct, but can be performed through signs, i.e. non-verbal cues and can be interpreted if you are an expert in reading body language.

So, if you aren’t sure if she is into you or it’s just another case of one-sided love (in that case, “my condolences” ), check out the following tips that will make you an expert at reading the female body language:

She touches her hair while you two talk – this is a dead giveaway. If in case you see her do this or plays with it while you talk, then she is certainly into you.

Wide open and twinkling eyes – she is definitely into you.

Signs of nervousness – Look for the signs of nervousness. If she screws up or makes a minor mistake, observe her body language. If she is nervous and self-conscious at that instant, you are in the green zone.

The way she looks at you – if her look is passionate, welcoming, and warm, then she probably likes you.

Sudden withdrawal – If her entire body seems to shift away from you, the moment you approach her, she wants to avoid you at all costs. That’s it- isn’t it rocket science.

Touching – this is a sigh which is often misunderstood. It does not mean that she wants to get laid with you just because she touches you. This, however, means that she is comfortable around you and wants to know more.

Eye contact – One of the most important non-verbal queues is that if she doesn’t make eye contact with you or looks away when you approach her, in all probability, she in not into you.

Looking distracted – if she is distracted by minor things or checks her phone while you talk, then it means that you are not interesting.

Leaning on you – If she leans on you, then in all probability, she is convinced that you are the one for her. She trusts you completely and confides in you when she needs it the most.