Flat Tummy Tips That You Should Definitely Follow!


Everyone wants a perfect, sculpted and toned beach body but obesity has been connected to numerous health conditions and shorter lifespan. The flat tummy seems to be easy to achieve, but it is not that easy at all.

There are numerous ways to tone the abdomen and slim down, but here we will present you eleven tips to get your body you have always wanted. These tips do not involve harmful methods, surgeries or dubious pills. But still, you have to consult a doctor about every supplement or diet regimen or exercise you will do.

Drink one glass of water before your meals

At first, water was suggested to be consumed as it helped fill up the stomach reducing the calorie intake and the all the food. But, recent studies claim that drinking 500 milliliters of water before your meals led to higher weight loss. A study in 2014 found out that the water is helping in maintaining the balance between expenditure and energy intake, leading to weight loss. There are also some contradictions, for example, those ones who are affected by kidney disease and congestive heart failure.

You should consume 5 small meals daily

Small feedings are great for people with metabolic problems, especially those ones with diabetes as it encourages reduction in total caloric intake, smaller blood sugar spikes and weight loss. Many studies have shown that the increase in the frequency of meals has contributed to loss of fat in obese and overweight adults. Eating small feedings prevent overeating, the main reason of excess caloric intake and weight gaining. Consuming 5 meals daily is ideal (breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2 snacks in between).

You should eat slowly

Chewing the food thoroughly contributes to losing weight and curbing the appetite.  A 2013’ study found that slow eating can increase the gut hormones that are responsible for reducing the appetite. A 2008’ study has shown that slow eating is reducing the energy intake.

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