Start Eating These 12 Foods On A Daily Basis And Watch How Your Eyesight Will Improve!

You can do anything against the aging process which means that with the period of aging people start losing everything starting from the hair, to the melanin and even the eyesight and they even start having pain in the joint.

These are some of the man complications and as we already said you can’t do anything to prevent those complications. But you can sure do something to improve your eyesight and in this article you will read what which foods to consume if you want to improve your eyesight.

What is affecting the ability to see thing at a distance and to see things close is the thickness of your eye lens and the shape and length of your eyeballs. What is also really important for a better vision is the retina that is at the back of the eye because there are light-sensitive cells.

Lutein and zeaxanthin is what you will need to consume if you want to improve your eyesight. They are present in dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale and also in saffron, bell peppers and corn. But what you can’t find in the plants is meso-zeaxanthin because it is made in our bodies. These ingredients will help you to keep the macula healthy and with that to improve your eyesight because they are rich in nutrients that can improve the vision.

What Mosley wrote is that he had problems with seeing blue and yellow colors because he had diabetes and that he also had problems with the his vision in night and when it comes to perception of details he also had problems.

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