If Your Foot Looks Like This, See Your Doctor Immediately!

if-your-foot-looks-like-this-see-your-doctor-immediatelyApproximately 610,000 Americans die of heart disease each year, which is a major cause of death in both men and women. Many people only think of chest pain or difficult breathing when they are in fact having heart problems, but there are also some less known symptoms.

One of the signs is a small swelling on your legs and your feet, which arises due to fluid retention, which is called peripheral edema. While this is not always caused by a heart disease, when it is, then the consequence is serious because this means that the heart is not pumping the blood properly, which results in leakage of fluid from the blood vessels in the tissue.

The risk of heart disease occurs in 23% of men who are bald and in 36% of men who have lost their hair completely. This does not mean that all bald men suffer from a heart disease, but it is advisable to regularly visit your doctor.

Here in this article we will show you a few less known signs of heart disease.

One of the signs of heart disease is xanthoma, which is a skin condition wherein a thickening occurs on face or under the skin. They vary in size and sometimes appear in yellow which is an indicating of a high level of fat in the blood, and can be connected with high cholesterol levels.

Swollen and red gums are usually signs of poor dental hygiene, but may also be associated with heart disease.

Those who have a heart disease may be encountered with a rapid weight gain. If you notice that suddenly you are gaining weight, we recommend that you visit your doctor.

Studies have shown that people who have cataracts have a greater chance to develop a heart disease.

Another sign of heart disease is the constant cough during the night. This may be due to accumulation of fluid in your chest.