Attention! For Your Health And For Your Children | Fruits That You Must Never Mix…

Although it is known that fruits are actually good for your body, there are some combinations among them which could be fatal. Astonishing, but true, and despite its excellent properties, studies reveal that mix several of these items and eat them at once, can cause some discomfort in adults. The most serious is the case of children, which could cause death.

Then you list a list of foods you should not mix:

Banana with milk:

If an adult consume this mixture could have stomach heaviness, makes the mind go slower, and increases the production of toxins, but in the case of minors can be fatal.

Orange with carrot:

This combination is very popular in certain places where natural juices are made, but the intake of this mixture produces excess bile, heartburn and reflux, and damage to the renal system, which could be the beginning of ailments more serious.

Pineapple with milk products:

Whether it is milk and yogurt, having bromelain pineapple, your body could be intoxicated. An adult may experience headaches, stomach gas, like vomiting, diarrhea and even even an infection. Imagine what might cause you a baby.

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