The Most Effective Ways To Get Your Clothes Really White Without Using Any Bleach – Inexpensive and Natural Solutions!


After wearing your clothes for a few months, it is really difficult to remain bright and white.

Due to oils and sweat and discoloration from other clothes, they can be easily covered in stains. So the whitish color they have is not beautiful as before.

In order to preserve the condition of the white clothes, we use to buy expensive laundry detergents. These products are full of brighteners that actually make the clothes whither than before.

These chemicals give the impression that they are white and clean and make the clothes glow on ultraviolet lights. Large amounts of benzene are contained in numerous optical brighteners which is extremely dangerous substance.

When the people wear clothes washed with them, these chemicals lead to allergic reactions.

When exposed to daylight, optical brighteners cause reactions including irritations and rashes.

Before you use some harmful chemical cleaner, we suggest a safer method. We will actually present you a few ways to do so:

1. Baking Soda

Make a mixture between a cup of baking soda and 4 liters of water. Soak the white clothes in the resulting mixture and they will be totally clean and white, once finished. You can avoid all types of additives in the washing process in this way.


You can effectively dissolve down the gunk that has left yellow stains on the white clothes by using aspirin pills. In order not to leave their color on the clothes, be sure to avoid coloredvarieties of this pill. You have to do the following procedure: take 5 white aspirin pills, dissolve them in water and soak the clothes in the mixture. In the end, store them in the washing machine for a normal washing procedure.

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