Gigantic Sand Storm Sweeps Through Town Saving Christian Group From Terror Attack

A group of new Christians recently experienced something that they consider to be a miracle of God. A huge sandstorm recently occurred, but they do not believe it was an ordinary storm. They believe that the reason that they were protected from an Islamic attack is because of the storm. The group, which is the Bibles For Middle East

Organization, had just completed a church service. They were getting ready to get on the bus when they were surrounded by a group of 50 militants who started shooting at the bus.

The group feared that the worst would happen. Shortly after the shooting started, a huge sandstorm occurred. The dust storm prevented the militants from attacking the Christians. The group believes that if the dust storm would not have occurred, then they would not be alive today.

The group admits that at first, they were afraid when they saw the sandstorm. However, they soon realized that the sandstorm was God’s way of protecting them. After the storm happened, the group began thanking and praising God for protecting them from the worst. The Bibles For Middle East Organization has shared their testimony all over the Internet.