Good Sex Is Beneficial For All: This Is What Happens To Women When They Do Not Have Sex!

Even the ancient Greeks for women with conspicuous behavior, who do not have sex for a longer period of time, said that suffering from hysterical neurosis. And they were right. The Latin name of the uterus is “hysteria,” and it was believed that if it does not have the momentum that is conceived by sexual intercourse, continues to wander in the body and adversely affects other organs. A consequence of this is unbalanced woman, frequently with signs of aggression towards environment.

That’s why is the conviction that a woman without sex is restless and dissatisfied women.

And is it scientifically proven?

– During the menstrual cycle the basic hormones change, which leads from excitement and increased sexual period until stabilized, followed by a period of periodic bleeding. This is a rhythmic cycle that repeats every 21 to 35 days.

Different moods interspersed within the monthly rate, and for which hormonal changes are responsible. One of them is certainly the loss of secretion of the hormone of happiness.

And the hormone of happiness is really true miracle. The female orgasm is the peak of pleasure in sexual intercourse, and is accompanied by a number of physiological phenomena: noisy breathing, wheezing, or almost rhythmic contraction of skeletal muscle, rhythmic alternation of contraction and relaxation of the muscles of the perineum. In addition the heart works faster, with increased peripheral circulation, all accompanied by sweating, as a consequence of increased secretion of adrenaline. And then the famous oxytocin is released, the hormone of happiness, serotonin and derivatives. The result is one – a sense of bliss.

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