Heal Everything From Ulcers To Stomach And Skin, Liver Problems, And Even Cancer With This Simple Juice!

Potatoes have gotten a lot of flak in recent years due to their carbohydrate-rich nature. However, potatoes, particularly raw potatoes or the juice of a raw potato have a never-ending list of health benefits.

Health benefits of raw potatoes

The healing potential of raw potatoes is well-known in folk medicine, but despite that, we still think that we shouldn’t be consuming raw potatoes. It is a mistake because in its raw form potatoes are very healthy and extremely useful.

Also, the juice from raw potatoes can be used as a hair treatment, and it is known to help reduce the dark circles under the eyes.

Before you start using raw potatoes in your diet, let me mention that you should always peel off the potatoes because its shell is poisonous. The danger lies in immature potatoes with green  skin and potatoes sprout. The substance that makes immature potatoes is called solanine, a poison that exists in germ and green parts of potatoes. You can remove the shell before use to avoid any risk.

Home remedies using raw potato

Digestive health and stomach problems

Potatoes have been used for centuries by people with digestive issues ranging from heartburn to indigestion.

Additionally, according to a 2013 study potato juice has been used to relieve gastritis (inflammation of the stomach), stomach ulcers and helps cleanse the intestines and reduce the amount of acid in the gastrointestinal system.

You can take one tablespoon of potato juice diluted with a little water, a half hour before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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