This Is The Healthiest Food In The World: See What It Can Cure!

Date palms have a wide range of health and nutritional value, which is why many say that this is the healthiest fruits on the planet. There is hardly a disease in which dates can not help.

Excellent source of iron

Anemic patients should eat more of dates, because they are an excellent source of iron. About 100g of dates contains about 0.90 mg of iron, which is about 11 percent of the recommended daily intake. Iron, as part of the hemoglobin in the red blood cells, determines the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. Most iron requirements have children in puberty and pregnant women.

Stop diarrhea

date palms contain potassium, which is useful in stopping diarrhea. In addition, dates help to gut flora as quickly renewed. Regular intake of dates makes it easier to create a good gut bacteria.

The cure for constipation

Just as stop diarrhea, date palms can help the food faster and easier to digest. It is necessary to take a couple of dates and at night put them in clean water. During the night dates will let its juice, which is an excellent laxative, which will stimulate the lazy bowel. In the United States, dates are pre-packaged in small bottles as drugs and prescribed for constipation.

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