He’s Healed Periodontal Disease By Himself And Now He Wants To Share The Recipe!

A teeth disease called periodontal disease damages the palate, including the fleshy part, the bone the teeth, and the area around the teeth as well. Gingivitis, or gums inflammation is an early symptom of a bigger problem. However, the disease is curable only if you have the right medicine and persistency. Also, timely medical treatment can prevent other disease, including teeth loss.

The example of this guy from Germany is now being followed by many people. His experience with periodontal disease was completely resolved, and he got cured. His dentist was surprised when he saw what a progress this man has achieved. His cure was something very simple, easily available, and inexpensive. That is lemon juice.

He has been drinking lemon juice mixed with water for a period of 6 months. He would even tae 2-3 or 4 lemons each day. Even though acidic, lemon makes the body alkaline. Periodontal disease causes bacteria which cannot survive in an alkaline environment, thus destroying these bacteria can put an end to the disease. The gum will become stronger, healthier, and without inflammations. The success is guaranteed and it works just perfectly.

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