WARNING! 4 Common Household Products To Be Banned Because They Are Believed To Cause Skin Cancer


Nowadays we are exposed to a lot of different products that contain substances harmful to our health. Many of them can be found in our own homes!

Certain personal and home care products, products we use in work environment and in the restaurants must undergo some security measures in order to obtain a health guarantee. This way we will avoid exposing ourselves to dangerous amounts of certain substances contained in the below listed products. We urge you to switch to natural, homemade alternatives.


Many people consider it a good decision to switch from sugar to sweeteners. Although there are natural ones that are really healthy, you have to know which ones aren´t!

  • Acesulfame K:  causes tumors and affects pregnancy
  • Aspartame: related to skin cancer
  • Saccharin: related to bladder cancer, as it is indigestible and is excreted by the liver
  • Sorbitol: it doesn´t digest well in the bowels, causes diarrheas, swelling and gases

We recommend you to switch from the aforementioned artificial sweeteners to honey or to the following ´´natural´´ sweeteners:

  • Stevia can lower the blood pressure and the blood sugar levels.
  • Xylitol: improves the bone density and reduces the risk of dental caries.
  • Yacon Syrup: feeds the good bacteria in the bowels and helps alleviating constipation.
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